Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy

If you have not started practicing yoga, pregnancy is a good time to get to know this form of activity. We recommend yoga to future moms not only for its pro-health benefits but also for its beneficial effects on the psyche. When practiced during pregnancy, yoga allows to better understand one’s body and the changes that are taking place. Also, the exercises have a relaxing effect and staying calm is not only important for the mother but also for her unborn baby. The exercises which focus on correct breathing are of utmost importance as the skill will come in useful during delivery.

The influence of yoga on functioning of our internal organs is also worth mentioning. Thanks to regular exercises, the blood circulation improves and the metabolism accelerates. The body that undergoes changes during pregnancy should be strengthened and thanks to the exercises which involve female organs the woman can get better prepared for the delivery. Hence, it is very important to strengthen the reproductive organs and to make the hips more flexible. Also, the spine should be better prepared to carry the increasing weight; therefore, it is essential to pay attention to keeping proper posture and to strengthen those muscles, which will consequently ease back and neck pains.

Yoga in pregnancy should be practiced first of all when sitting, whereas standing asanas require support of a wall or a chair. Obviously, one should first consult their physician and, during practice, an experienced trainer should first demonstrate all exercises.

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