Body Shape

Body Shape

Depending on the level of advancement, Body Shape can be both an excellent solution for those who are just starting their fitness adventure and can also be a fairly exhausting training session for the advanced in their routine. The aim of Body Shape is to model the figure by making it slimmer and to strengthen the muscles.

Each Body Shape session is divided into three elements: at the beginning it is imperative to warm up; then a set of strengthening exercises takes place, to finish with strengthening exercises. During training, different accessories can be used, e.g. dumb-bells or steps, and the entire training is very energetic and improves the mood partly because of the fact that aerobic exercises make a good part of it.

Body Shape training sessions are not conducted at a fast pace because it is extremely important to do the exercises in a precise manner. Besides, it is the number of repetitions that guarantees success. Not only will systematic Body Shape exercises model your body but also significantly improve your condition, strengthen your muscles and correct the posture. One can’t but agree that such effects come in useful in everyday life.


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