Exercises for cellulite

Exercises for cellulite

There has been a lot of talk about special exercises which help get rid of cellulite and since the problem of the “orange peel” looms large in the minds of almost 80% of women, many of them participate in such classes willingly. However, before we choose exercises to combat cellulite, it is worth learning about its causes.

Cellulite shows up when incorrectly layered fatty tissue presses blood vessels and lymph nodes, which leads to swellings and accumulating toxins which makes circulation of the blood and lymph more difficult – and the vicious circle closes. We will not ponder on why at a certain moment some fat cells move to the subcutaneous layer of the skin as there are numerous reasons for that – from air pollution to genetic conditioning. But it is worth knowing that orange peel is caused by slacking skin fibers. Therefore, to get rid of cellulite, we must concentrate on three actions: improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing fatty tissue and firming the skin. And that is when physical activity comes in useful.

The best exercises for cellulite are aerobic exercises. There are no ideal positions in anti-cellulite exercises just as there are no miracle creams which will eliminate the “orange peel.” It is important, however, to choose exercises that cause accelerated breathing and increased heartbeat rate. Obviously, when exercising, it is necessary to pay attention to the places where cellulite occurs the most, like the stomach, thighs and hips. Most importantly, the exercises must be regular and one should eat healthy diet and drink lots of water.

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