Ambient Fit - use the environment

Ambient Fit - use the environment

Ambient Fit is a system of exercises which uses the environment to support the training itself. When exercising at home, we can use a chair and to burden the hands we will use bottles with water. This way, the training sessions become more interesting and we can train these muscles which are omitted in other training systems.

Ambient Fit combines stretching exercises with aerobic and strength exercises. It is up to the trainer to decide what the training session is going to be like. However, the use of a chair alone brings a lot of benefits: first of all, it makes it easier to do figure modeling exercises while alleviating the stress from the back. Bottles filled with water can replace dumb-bells thanks to which we can slim and strengthen the arms without doing, for instance, push-ups.

Ambient Fit is good for everyone regardless of age, weight or the level of being fit because, depending on the level, the exercises differ as regards their intensity and the level of difficulty. Different forms of exercises place it on a par with a general fitness training program, therefore it can be easily recommended to the persons who are just beginning their adventure with fitness. Thanks to Ambient Fit, we can take care of the entire body – we will shape the body and strengthen and stretch the muscles as well.


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