Cross Training - general fitness training

Cross Training - general fitness training

Cross Training is, first of all, a training which is supposed to increase the efficiency of the body. It is a general fitness training, therefore professional sportsmen and soldiers alike practice it very willingly. It consists of fairly simple exercises which, however, require being fit. The system offers elements of jogging, squatting, push-ups, jumping, and exercises that strengthen muscles performed lying down, like well-known lying down bicycle.

As a general fitness training, Cross Training brings a lot of benefits. First of all, it increases one’s physical condition, strength and endurance. Systematic exercises also influence one’s coordination of movements and improve dexterity. Cross Training is highly beneficial to one’s cardiovascular system while strengthening muscles helps prevent injuries.

Just like any other general fitness program, Cross Training can also serve as a program preparing the body for more exhausting and specialist training sessions, e.g. strength training, when we wish to build our muscles. Cross Training is also frequently used as a system which diversifies a given sport discipline and develops the muscles which are used less frequently while practicing our basic sport.


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