FITs is a virtual FitWithMe platform currency. FITs can be purchased using real currency – euro (EUR), American dollars (USD) or Polish zloty (PLN). The prices of all training sessions are given in FITs. After your first login, your balance is 0 FITs.

Purchasing FITs

To purchase FITs, go to My Finances and Recharge Account tab.Here you can recharge your account or a friend’s account. You can purchase FITs in three ways:

  • through s Text message
  • using PayPal (If you choose PayPal, you can select the recurring payment option, which is deselected at default. Recurring payments can be done daily, weekly or monthly – PayPal will charge your debit or credit card for the given amount and replace it with FITs)
  • using Dotpay – select the amount of FITs and click Recharge. To recharge your account you must accept the terms and conditions.

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