General training

General training

General training is addressed to everybody because it includes both strengthening and stretching exercises while we are losing weight. The only condition for starting a special training is general fitness of our body. For this reason, many sportsmen do general fitness program apart from sets of exercises which focus on developing muscles that ensure success in their main discipline. The greatest advantage of a general fitness program is its variety thanks to which we gain a good general shape while not being bored when exercising.

The aforementioned variety consists in introducing into the routine exercises which are discipline specific and which allow us to activate the largest possible number of muscles. Often times, the general training is treated as an introduction to training proper but it can be treated as an activity whose effects are visible every day, for instance when we climb stairs, carry groceries or run to catch a bus. It is very important to have our body get used to the effort. We cannot count on it that we will preserve our youthful fitness forever. We should consider the fact that our physical condition weakens with age. When practiced regularly, general training will improve our breathing and circulation while the body will be stronger and more elastic.

If we treat general training as preparing for further, more specialist exercises, then it should last at least for three months. It is recommended that each day of exercising be followed by a day of rest and that we should exercise three times a week. Such schedule will allow us to see the effects of our efforts and give the time necessary for the body to recuperate.

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