Physical condition and its components

Physical condition and its components

What is physical condition? The most frequent phrases connected with it are: good or lack of it. However, if we take a look at what being in shape is composed of, we can say without hesitation that no one person can actually complain about not being fit at all. Obviously, the term “physical condition” is not defined in medical terms and it is hard to come up with a single, unequivocal description of it. But when talking about physical condition we should take into consideration one’s strength, competence of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the endurance and elasticity of muscles. These four elements can be improved by exercising.

Resistance exercises and general fitness exercises help increase one’s strength. Along with increasing strength one develops muscles because now strengthening exercises can be introduced.

The competence of circulatory and respiratory systems increases during regular exercises of any type, although the aerobic exercises are best for this purpose as we force our heart and lungs to work harder.

We can increase the endurance of the muscles by intensive exercises which will make us tired while the elasticity of muscles by stretching exercises. Therefore, to achieve great physical form, we should practice different kinds of exercises and, if lacking time, do general fitness exercises.

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