Stretching - exercises stretching the muscles

Stretching - exercises stretching the muscles

When watching acrobats, ballet dancers or even a person doing the splits we can conclude that human muscles have infinite properties to stretch. Obviously, it is not the case but this does not change the fact that the majority of people fail to take advantage of the elasticity of their muscles which they could achieve. Naturally, before we do the split of our dreams we must be patient as stretching muscles is a lengthy process. But is it worthwhile?

Let’s begin by saying that stretching not only lengthens the muscles but also increases the movement of joints. The most obvious benefit of stretching is preventing injuries. Stretching exercises improve body posture and – which is of most importance to women – help move with more grace. Stretching is also recommended to the elderly because it makes walking easier and with time our muscles lose their elasticity.

Stretching exercises can be part of one’s fitness routine and be combined with aerobic exercises as in Stretch 'n Burn. They are, however, also important in practicing yoga or during dance lessons. Before stretching, it is important to warm up the muscles not to cause injuries and each such stretching exercise is very short. There are so many muscles in our body that stretching can never be a boring activity.

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