Pilates - the path to a flexible body

Pilates - the path to a flexible body

Pilates combines yoga, ballet and muscle tensing exercises. Named after its creator – Josef Humbertus Pilates, the system strengthens the muscles and makes them more flexible without overbuilding muscle mass. Pilates taps into yoga and ballet to develop the precision of movements and positions which lead to stretching the muscles. This system is considered as one of the safest exercise system of all; therefore, it is recommended for persons of all ages and as a method that helps improve one’s health.

Pilates is usually practiced to the accompaniment of soothing music, thus, similarly to yoga, it influences one’s psyche, leading to inner calming. As regards the benefits to the body, Pilates improves muscle elasticity and endurance, it helps us improve coordination, and – thanks to general improvement of strength – it helps avert injuries.

Extremely important, especially for those who spend a lot of time at their computers, is the influence of Pilates exercises on the condition of the spine. First of all, Pilates alleviates back pains, it improves its stability thanks to strengthening the back muscles, it relaxes the upper parts of the back as well as the neck and the arms. The exercises, therefore, result in a slimmer body and a greater grace of movements.


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