FitWithME is a platform which brings an entirely new definition of online training. Until now, those wanting to exercise at home, have only had fitness videos available, based on which they needed to design a personal training programme. In response to this, FitWithMe offers a revolutionary solution: you can train with a virtual or a real trainer as well as other users, all of this happening live with the use of advanced technology.

You can participate in whole training programmes or personal training sessions which not only involve exercise, but also consultations e.g. regarding your diet. Each user decides what kind of workout they’d like to take part in, the intensity level, length of the workout as well as a suitable time.

This innovative platform functions also as a social network. Users can invite their friends to the platform, hold training sessions together and meet people from all around the world.  

The developers of FitWithMe have also thought about the platform providing its users with maximum exercise motivation and allowing them to easily see the results of their regular workout.  

FitWithMe users can take part in competitions and win virtual rewards in the form of medals and prizes. You can track the calories you burn during exercise and observe the changes in your body, if you take pictures before the workout. 

If you want to discover all the possibilities of FitWithMe, all you need to do is register.