Personal Training

Personal training sessions are individual workout programmes. Apart from one-to-one sessions, it includes consultations during which your trainer can choose the best workout for you, advise you on your diet and design a detailed workout plan to fit your goals and abilities.

Personal sessions are not visible in the search function. Only the trainer and the user taking part know about the session. 

Joining a personal training session

Joining a personal session is only possible through an invitation from the trainer. However, if you are interested, click on Personal Training Sessions. You will find a list of trainers who offer personal sessions, and choose one or more trainers you would like to contact.

To help you choose a trainer, you can use the search function – click on More. You can select the appropriate parameters, but remember not to deselect the Personal Training Sessions box in the Offer parameters.

After  you’ve chosen a trainer, contact them through the messaging system. Once all the details are agreed with your trainer, they will create a session to which you will receive an invitation. You can accept the invitation and join the session, but you aren’t obliged to do it.

Creating personal training sessions

Personal sessions can only be created by a FWM trainer. 

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