Fitness or the gym?

Fitness or the gym?

So you have a dilemma: fitness or the gym? It is decidedly better to start your adventure with sport with fitness. Fitness classes are much more motivating than exercises at the gym because they take place in groups. We can also choose from among different trainings. Exercises at the gym focus for the most part on strengthening muscles, but if we have not been active for a while then it is better to start improving one’s condition at fitness classes, e.g. general training. Such a solution will prevent us from injuries at the gym or when doing any kind of sport.

The choice between fitness or the gym should depend on the effects we wish to achieve. If we want to improve muscle flexibility, then we should go for fitness; similarly, if we want to lose a few pounds. The best way to burn calories is to chose intensive aerobic exercises which will be adjusted to our form. Fitness is also an easier and quicker way to shape one’s figure and the background music and choreography win over the aesthetics of the gym. Furthermore, exercises at the gym will not have much influence on coordination of movements while such benefits will be visible already after a few fitness classes. Fitness is perceived as a more attractive form of physical activity and those who choose such trainings gain great motivation .

The gym, on the other hand, will allow us to strengthen our muscles and increase their mass. We should keep it in mind, however, that the exercises should be done in series recommended by your trainer and according to his/her guidelines. Working out your own weight training sessions will not bring expected results because of lack of appropriate knowledge about the principles of planning a training session.

If you still cannot decide if fitness is a better choice than the gym, perhaps you should attend just one fitness class to find out.

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