Morning exercise

Morning exercise

Undoubtedly, everyone has heard about morning exercises and their wonderful benefits. Yet only some of us actually start their day this way. A dozen or so minutes in the morning suffice to set the good mood for the rest of the day, to wake up quicker and to strengthen one’s health in general. Unfortunately, these few minutes in the morning is what we lack every day. However, there is a method that will make our morning exercise routine more pleasurable, even if we were a late riser. The good news is that we do not even have to get out of bed!

Before we start our morning exercise, we need to move the pillow aside. Then, we can start stretching exercises that are just as pleasurable as our regular morning stretching. Pulling up your legs, a back bend or rolling back and forward – we are all familiar with these exercises. For those who want more movement, we suggest the lying down bicycle exercise or flutter kicks. And after ten minutes of exercising in bed we can face the day without a single cup of espresso.

The effect of exercising in the morning is not only a better mood thanks to the endorphins but also a well-fit body: our blood circulation improves, we burn calories and stretch our muscles. What is more, morning exercises can encourage us to exercise more often and more intensively when back from work. Ten minutes of exercising in bed is definitely too low a price to pay for so many positive things.

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