You will find two types of trainers on the FitWithMe platform – virtual trainers and FitWithMe or live trainers.

Virtual trainers

Virtual trainers do not appear live on camera, but in pre-recorded videos. All training sessions have been created by real trainers. The exercises are done by either real trainers or actors. When recording the actors, they were supervised by real trainers, ensuring the preciseness of their moves. We can ensure you that every virtual training session has been prepared professionally and is safe and effective. 

FitWithMe trainers

FitWithMe trainers are trained and experienced people, who lead training sessions live. To join our team of trainers, you can apply through our website. We look at each application individually, therefore FitWithMe users can be sure that the sessions are lead only by professionals.

FitWithMe trainers can offer sinlge training sessions, training programmes and personal training. 

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