Workout systems

FitWithMe offers a choice of 6 workout systems and two of them have been designed by FitWithMe trainers.


Yoga originates in ancient India. The poses, or asanas, benefit not only the body, but also the mind. Despite appearances  - yoga is suitable for everyone, even those who are just starting their adventure with this discipline. Click to find out more.


Pilates combined elements of yoga, ballet and muscle strengthening exercises and was created by Joseph Pilates. Pilates helps build flexibility, muscle strength and improves your posture. This workout system is considered to be one of the safest, therefore can be done by anyone. Click to find out more.

Body Shape

The aim of Body Shape is to model the figure by making it slimmer and to strengthen the muscles.. It involves aerobic. stretching and muscle strengthening  exercises. We recommend this workout to everyone, no matter what level of advancement. Click to find out more.

Cross Training

Cross training is a workout system which aims at general development and is popular among sportsmen. It improves your general fitness. endurance and strength. Cross Training can be a great start preparing for more intensive, specialist programmes. Click to find out more.


Stretch'n'Burn is a workout system designed by FitWithMe which focuses on fat burning and stretching. This workout is similar to Fat Burning, but it is more complex because it involves stretching exercises. Click to find out more.

Ambient Fit

Ambient Fit is a workout system designed by FitWithMe which combines stretching exercises with aerobic and strength exercises. In order to vary the workout and train as many muscles as possible this system uses the environment to support the training itself – a chair and bottles of water. Click to find out more.

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